Aries Sign Introduction!

Dates: March 20 to April 22
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Mars
House: 1st
Symbol: The Ram
Psychological Need: To be confident and free. To lead
Best Quality: Leadership
Downside: ego, aggressive, bossy, interfering in other's matters, hatred of restrictions, quick tempered, selfish, self-centered
Keywords: energetic, active, talkative, creative, leader, pioneer, courageous, competitive, enthusiastic, confident, optimistic, self-reliant

Aries Sign Characteristics

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It has high energy. It's the sign of action, new beginnings, and initiative. It likes to dive into things without planning. Aries person's energies are used for building a new individuality, thus all the Aries' efforts are for themselves and what they want.

Aries persons have management ability which is mainly used for starting new things. However, sustaining projects is not their strength, but initiating projects is.

Aries people are capable of great accomplishments if they learn how to constructively use their energies. The tendency to going ahead without considering risks and dangers must be controlled.

An Aries likes roles where his leadership abilities can be expressed. They are naturally enthusiastic and are always ready for activity and competition. They are inspiring to others because of these qualities. Creative ideas come into their mind in a never-ending stream. They are full of energy and never lack courage.

The natural tendency for an Arian is to stand alone and do everything themselves. Aries persons have a tendency to start a project, then they suddenly lose interest in it, if progress is too slow or it becomes too complicated. They can be very self-centered, but they must remember that other people may also have good ideas and can also take responsibility and leadership roles. Cooperation with others can be very effective for them, if they want to complete things rather than simply starting things and leaving before completion.

Aries persons are very straight-forward and direct. They say what's in their mind. They don't hide their dislikes and express what bothers them. It may be violent if it lasts, but it is usually short term.

Aries persons are prone to headaches due to tension. They are usually aggressive in relationships and generally take the lead. They go after what interests them and the chase may be more fun for them than the conquest.

Four things an Arian should learn are patience, conservation of energy, completion, and control of anger.

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