Gemini Sign Introduction!

Dates: May 21 to June 22
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Mercury
House: 3rd
Symbol: The Twins
Psychological Need: To communicate
Best Quality: Flexibility
Downside: indecisive, hollowness, impatient, two-faced, unstable, unpredictable, nervous
Keywords: communication, networking, talkative, flexible, clever, rebellious, bossy, humor, friendly, diplomatic, thinking, questioning, writing, intellectual

Gemini Sign Characteristics

Gemini people want to do work that has variety. They hate to do same thing again and again. They love to do many things at the same time, sometimes making them late for their schedule.

Gemini has good speaking and writing skills, is able to make anything charming. Gemini is the sign of networking and communications; it collects information from everywhere and spreads it to others who can benefit from it. However, Gemini seldom goes to the depth of any subject. They can become wonderful sales persons or teachers if they stay there for long time and get all the facts instead of only half story. Even if they do not know all the facts, since they have very large collection of words in storage, they will not stop and continue with their story; and it will look like they know all the facts.

Gemini persons think very quickly and have the ability to use the right words in any situation. They have a good sense of humor. Other people feel difficulty in keeping up with their speedy change of topics. Sometimes, other person finds no words and sentences left for him. This can be most frustrating for the person trying to express his own thoughts. Gemini people should learn to control their tongue and allow slower people to express their opinions and ideas.

Gemini people read extensively and communicate widely for their intellectual satisfaction. They want more and more information. This makes them very ambitious, and they jump from one thing to another, searching for the greener grass which never comes.

The Gemini sign is known for its restlessness. Because of their restlessness and busy activities, they need some time for rest. Gemini people should spend some time alone to recharge their batteries (although Gemini does not like to be alone).

Gemini understands its environment, responds immediately, and moves to a new environment. Gemini person gets bored easier than any other Zodiac sign. Gemini changes and adjusts itself to new situation in the blink of an eye, leaving others wondering what happened to the Gemini. Maybe the Gemini got its symbol of the twins because Gemini changes so quickly and frequently that other people think the new personality must be someone else...a twin, perhaps.

Gemini persons have the ability to see both sides of the picture, therefore they may change their viewpoint again and again. They agree with the opinion of the person they are with at the moment. Then they change their opinion when the circumstances change. Indecisiveness is a problem for Gemini persons.

Gemini people are usually emotionally disconnected. They use their minds rather than hearts. Logic and reason are their guides. They are able to understand other people behavior, but they have difficulty in responding to the emotional reactions of the person involved.

The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury, therefore Gemini person has genius mental abilities, however his energy is scattered and divided. The result is that "success" is not easily achieved. He is not focused and directed at one goal; rather he wants variety, change, and newness. Gemini can get success if he has concentration and his energy is focused.

Gemini people should control their energy, mind and nerves. If they don't control, they will become ill. The can do so if they prefer to serve others rather than giving all attention to themselves.

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