Libra Sign Introduction!

Dates: September 21 to October 22
Element: Air
Ruling Planet: Venus
House: 7th
Symbol: The Scale
Psychological Need: To create harmony and balance
Best Quality: Friendly
Downside: always need praise, indecision, lack of self-confidence, emotional instability, two-faced, can't say no, lazy
Keywords: balance, comparison, harmony, justice, neutral, cooperative, friendly, hopeful, artistic, idealistic, fair, charming, graceful, polite, friendly, diplomatic, can see both sides of any situation

Libra Sign Characteristics

Just like its symbol "The Scale", Libra wants to see balance, justice and equality in the society.

Being gifted with the ability to see both sides of any situation, and the endless weighing of options makes Libra changeable, moody and a little bit indecisive.

Libra persons are happiest in partnership or in situations where they can interact with others. Pleasant environment is important to them. Libra is light and polite, but also easily disturbed like the balance. Libra always avoids disturbing the peace. Libra does not like to add flame to a fire.

Because Libra persons enjoy people and human interaction so much, they have a difficult time when alone. Because of this, they need to share their life with someone. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to be "in love with love", because of their romantic and emotional nature. Thus, they could rush into marriage without planning and may face a difficult relationship.

Libra persons don't like conflict around them. They want peace at any price, which allows others to take advantage of them. They want to be liked by everyone, even if they are in loss. As mentioned, indecisiveness can be one of the hardest problems for Libras to overcome. If they wait too long to make a decision, they may miss many excellent opportunities. Since they have the ability to see both sides of an issue, they generally do not like to choose either one.

Since they are able to see the entire issue, if they are asked for help, they can give practical advice. But their wish to solve all problems of all people can create problem for them. They have difficulty saying "no".

The other problem for Libras is the desire to delay work for as long as they can. It is inclined to build castles in the air. This gives them a reputation for being lazy. They aren't lazy, of course, if the proper motivation is there.

It is, many times, easy for others to dominate a Libra's opinion. A stronger personality can easily dominate a calm Libra, and the Libra becomes incapable of making a move without consulting the "expert". Libras need to think for themselves and stand up for their own beliefs and principles.

Libras are creative, intellectual, and very friendly. However, this intelligence is not seen by others because of the Libra's relaxed, friendly appearance. They also have artistic talents, love for music and singing.

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