Reason of Dual Personality!

Zodiac Sign vs Rising Zodiac Sign

Sometimes, you have noticed that a person’s style and outlook is different from his Zodiac Sign (star). Why this is so? Its reason is the Rising Zodiac Sign of that person.

Actually, the Zodiac Sign represents your actual deepest personality. On the other hand, the Rising Zodiac Sign represents your style and outlook in eyes of others. These are the characteristics, that others see in you, especially strangers who don’t know you deeply. You do not see yourself like that.

For example, the Zodiac Sign of a person is Capricorn, therefore he is actually ambitious, reserved, and needs order. But if his Rising Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius, he will look care-free and un-ambitious. But actually, all the time, he will be using this Sagittarius style and outlook to reach his Capricorn goals.

How to know your Rising Zodiac Sign?

Earlier, we have discussed about Circle of 12 Zodiac Signs and how to know your Zodiac Sign (star) using your date of birth. We read there that, astrologers combine your Circle of 12 Zodiac Signs & your Circle of 12 Houses. This combined circle is your Horoscope and it looks like this:

Combined Circles/Horoscope

Your Horoscope

To know your Rising Zodiac Sign, astrologers make horoscope of your birth time. On this horoscope, they look for the Zodiac Sign in which the 1st House’s starting line comes; that zodiac sign will be your Rising Zodiac Sign. The Rising Zodiac Sign changes after every few minutes. Two twins born with a difference of couple of minutes, may have different Rising Zodiac Signs.

In the above Horoscope, you can easily see that Sun is in Libra zodiac sign, so that person’s Zodiac Sign (i.e. star) is Libra. Since, starting line of the 1st House is in Virgo zodiac sign, so his Rising Zodiac Sign is Virgo.

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