Sagittarius Sign Introduction!

Dates: November 21 to December 22
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Jupiter
House: 9th
Symbol: The Archer/Centaur (A horse rider who throws arrow at a target)
Psychological Need: To explore and expand possibilities
Best Quality: Loyalty
Downside: over-confident, inflexible, showy, proud, dictator, direct, exaggeration, extremism, tactless, impatient, quarrelsome, irresponsible, gambling, care-free
Keywords: hopeful, optimistic, freedom, liberal, flexible, very independent, open-minded, honest, frank, kind, exploration, energetic, idealism, unconventional, luck, truth-seeker, religious, philosopher, sports

Sagittarius Sign Characteristics

Its ruling planet is Jupiter, therefore Sagittarius is positive, has great optimism, and tends to be lucky. It has the capability of forecasting, due to its vast vision, and always looking beyond the horizon. They have faith in superior things that keeps them very optimistic, no matter what difficulties they are facing.

Sagittarius persons follow religion and they are philosophers. Actually, they want to understand the true meaning of life. This keeps them growing and expanding, searching for greener areas. Sagittarius explore not only the mental lands (through reading or formal education) but also the physical lands (through travel) to gain knowledge. This exploration can involve them with too many activities and to use their energy too rapidly. They need to take intervals of rest to charge themselves.

Sagittarius persons are usually very direct and straightforward. They speak their ideas in very direct way due to their continuous search for truth and wisdom. Others think they are very tactless and the statement "truth hurts" fits on them. Regardless of their undiplomatic remarks, others think that the Sagittarian will not harm them and only wants to increase his awareness.

Sagittarius persons are known for their friendliness, helpfulness and humor. They are good conversationalists and enjoy debating merely for the sake of debating. They have a great ability for making friends and they can go anywhere in the world without feeling lonely, because they get friends along the way. They have humanitarian nature and are practical in expressing them. They will tend to help anyone who is in need. You can usually depend on their loyalty and honesty, for there is nothing tricky or cunning in their nature.

Sagittarius persons are extremely independent, with a real need for personal freedom. They can develop fear of small and bound stuffy places, either physical or emotional. This is why they hesitate to get into total commitment and often shy away from marriage. In love, Sagittarius persons are very romantic, but they need their partner to be intelligent and communicative. They hate jealousy and possessiveness by their partner. They enjoy the chase more than the capture.

Career wise, it is difficult for Sagittarius person to follow a fixed schedule and environment, so it will experiment with a variety of jobs. They like careers that permit them to travel. They also like dealing with people, either selling or promoting ideas, products, etc.

Sagittarius should learn how to concentrate on their projects and stick with them to the end. They tend to show more enthusiasm at the start of new task, but it is decreased as the project goes on and gets stuck in details, or gets a little rough, or it simply gets a little boring. Actually, they try to avoid detailed work.

Although Sagittarius persons are generally healthy, they can become ill due to excess of food and drink. Sagittarius persons love the outdoors, animals, nature and sports. Some have careless gambling tendencies. Travel and long walks appeal to them because they make the Sagittarian feel free - and he needs to feel free.

The Sagittarian may expand the truth until it becomes an exaggeration. They have good memories. They take interest in challenges, because they enjoy exploring the unknown. They enjoy journey rather than the destination.

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