Scorpio Sign Introduction!

Dates: October 21 to November 22
Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Pluto/Mars
House: 8th
Symbol: The Eagle & The Scorpion
Psychological Need: To experience intense emotional change
Best Quality: Resourcefulness
Downside: conflict, cruel, revenge, ironic, bitter, aggressive, misuse of sex, desire, irritation, unkind, angry, jealous, greedy, possessive, upsetting, uncompromising, cunning, intense emotions
Keywords: rebirth, courage, strong, resourcefulness, secretive, serious, determined, hardworking, heroic in danger

Scorpio Sign Characteristics

Two animals are used to represent Scorpio, the eagle and the scorpion. The eagle is capable of reaching great heights because he has overcome his lower nature. The eagle has risen above the physical world because he has redeveloped himself.

The scorpion, however, represents those who have not redeveloped their thoughts and actions and are still living immoral lives. They use their cunning and attack when not expected. These are the ones who satisfy their desires regardless of consequences.

Scorpio has a strong will and determination to accomplish any work assigned. It enjoys impossible tasks. It likes work that requires continuous effort and extreme concentration. It possesses an analytical mind, strong intuition, reasoning powers, perception, long range planning ability, magnetism and energy. It has very specific opinions, and these opinions can be so rigid that no advice can change its mind.

Scorpio persons make friends easily. In these relationships, they like to know what your plans are, but, because of their secretiveness, they do not necessarily want you to know what they are planning. They are capable of extreme self-sacrifice for those they love. If any of their loved ones are threatened in any way, they feel that they, too, are being threatened. This causes them to attack, either verbally or physically.

It is usually difficult to cheat a Scorpio because their intuition enables them to understand the motives of other people. They note very strong first impression of others - developing either a liking or a dislike for the person involved.

When Scorpio is hurt, it becomes self-centered and cruel. Scorpio is surprisingly heroic in danger. Scorpio is a good detective, can find the hidden issues that arise from partnerships. It must learn to feel emotions without playing with them.

Because a Scorpio's unconscious mind is more in control than their conscious mind, they lose all senses under criticism. Under attack, they make effective use of both silence and irony. Unfortunately, their irony can be very hurtful. They need a long time in order to get smooth. Scorpios need to learn forgiveness.

Scorpios have the tendency to do things to extremes, either complete or nothing. Once their course of action is set, it is difficult for them to change. They go to the bottom of whatever interests them. They go deep rather than broad. They have to know everything. Although it may not appear so, there are hidden powerful emotions and desires, that are one reason for their great stamina. Sometimes in their battles they crush others. In whatever they do, they want to be completely absorbed. This is why they are sometimes classified as great saints or great sinners. Scorpios need to learn flexibility, both in thought and action.

Scorpios regard themselves as their own judge, and executioner and punish themselves unnecessarily at times. They are self-sufficient, but not necessarily confident. They rarely want to get fame or publicity. Scorpios are generally healthy, but can be inclined to excess use of food, drugs, sex or alcohol.

In matters of love, Scorpio persons are loyal, friendly and emotional, and perhaps possessive and controlling. They are happiest and most fulfilled with one partner with whom they can have love.

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